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Friends, just an announcement that at this moment I use 2 blogs and this one, mymaniks.

I consider both blogs as active, so you’ll find some stories here and some stories there.

Most challenge will be put here and some learning process will be posted mostly there



January’s Challenge

January's Challenge

The challenge is created by Lili Krist. And for January, the idea is a picture of the dawn in the beach. I made the pendant from polymer clay using the translucent and basic color. The bezel was made of the silver wire and I used the viking knit technique for the necklace.

The idea:

To see other participants check this link

February’s Challenge

Every month, Lili Krist from PC by Liks challenge herself to make something based on the picture she posts in her blog. She also invites anyone who wants to join her and these are the participants: 

This is the idea for this month’s challenge

And the reveals are:

Lili Krist

Anna Cravidao

Asri Wahyuningsih

Unique Shabrina Clayjewelry

and Me…..

I made this pendant after I struggle with 3 designs with wires…..the first one I want to make a wire braid with red and yellow color and using artistic wire of peach and lemon. However it became messy….and I gave up. 

My 2nd design I wanted to make a crochet wire pendant with a combination color of red and yellow and combined with silver beads. After making 2 rows of crochet I was getting bored and was lost focus. So I stopped.

My 3rd design is embroidery cabochon and I didn’t even had a change to start making it because again I changed my mind when I passed my jewelry cupboard and saw my druzy and that is the result.

I love the druzy color very much and I feel that this color is a reflection of the cupcake…. I still feel unsatisfied with the bezel. It should be more neat… I might remake it to make it perfect.

8th Bead Soup Blog Party

Wowww I’m in the 8th Bead Soup Blog Party…. Thank you Lori for counting me in in this bead international event. Check this link for more about Bead Soup Blog Party run by Lori Anderson

And this is the link to all the 8th BSBP participants

Last year, during the 7th BSBP I was paired to Elizabeth Jones from Australia. And now I am paired to Chaterine Temaluru or known as Ien Temaluru. Check her website to get a glimpse of what she’s doing,

Since she is also from Indonesia, I know her and has met her once when we learned to make beads from polymer clay. She is a very talented artist, she like to make delicate jewelry…. her works are very precise and beautiful. She also like to use silver wire, gems and crystals. I think she also like fairy tales especially when it involves the fairies…. you can see from her works…

And now I have to think hard what soup mixes should I send her….. really confusing since I like to give something that is unusual for her…. 🙂