The Reveal Day – 8th BSBP

Today is the reveal day….it’s been 3 months …and I’m almost not realizing it….whewwww…. Lori is incredible….with all her suffering she still managed to run this very big event participating by 500 people from around the world, with 135 are international participants from 30 countries/territories. Thank you Lori…..

In this year BSBP I was partnering with Ien Temaluru . I am very sorry that she is really sick at this moment so that she cannot join this reveal day. But, lucky me, she managed to send her bead soup…..which were incredible….

The bead soup was wrapped in a beautiful box

She loves wire jewelry and metal smithing and she knows that I love cats…. so these were the beads that she sent me
from Ien
Incredible isn’t it? The cats are so beautiful…she can capture all the cats details….

To tell you the truth, I was and still am confused what should I make….I am not really good in using figurine as objects in my designs. And then I saw the beautiful wire jewelry by Louise Goodchild and I realized that you can tell a story with your jewelries.

So these are my cat stories,
1st necklace - 3
1st necklace -2
2nd necklace -1
2nd necklace - 2

The 1st necklace is about a cat and the butterfly…To make it 3 dimensional I put the tree behind the cat…
The 2nd necklace actually is not really tell a story….

And for the clasp, I used it for the bracelet…. I took from my stash all green beads….ooohhh how I love green….
the bracelet
bracelet - 3

I still have 2 more cats and some metal beads that i plan to use for my hijabi’s pin.

I hope Ien likes what I did to her bead soup…..

When I worked with the jewelry, this was what happened every time I left my table.

Just a flashback these are the beads that I sent to Ien
from me

To do a tour on all the BSBP participants please click this link:


34 thoughts on “The Reveal Day – 8th BSBP

  1. Those are such unique and challenging pieces! You did a fabulous job with them –I think you did a great job of showcasing the wire cats!

  2. I think you told your cat stories very well! I love the framed one chasing a butterfly. I would have found the wire cat charms adorable and difficult too but you rose to the challenge!

  3. What a lovely soup you have to play with. I like the idea of making “Tell me a story” necklaces, your designs are totally charming.!

  4. Those wire cats are so thoughtful and clever, but they would have totally stumped me! The cat story necklaces are great. I love how you created that focal in your first piece. Bravo!

  5. I love cats even more then jewelry-making, so it is a thrill to view your wonderful designs, Diah 🙂

  6. I love your Louise Goodchild inspired necklace. Well done! Both the cat necklaces are whimsical and fun pieces. That green bracelet is done in such a rich tone. I love it it too!

  7. Ohhh…..I so love your cat pieces. You did an great job! My daughter is a cat person! Excellent work, I love the first one!

  8. How stinkin’ cute! I’m a cat lover myself and you really made a great story with these wire kitties. And, your green bracelet is so great. I really like that shade of green.

  9. You did an incredibly good job with such a challenging soup 🙂 And thank you for introducing Louise Goodchild! I love that necklace with the sitting cat as a focal and clasp (I guess?).

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